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Combines the best features of crypto

Industry-leading security

Security tokens are digital assets that represent & transferred ownership rights to a blockchain token.

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Ownership over your coins

The most reliable way to prove ownership of crypto currencies is to sign a specified message with a key.

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License and Regulated

Trade and trust your Cryptocurrency with a license and Regulated broker license ( 509956 )

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Crime insurance against theft

Crime insurance protects a company from loss of money, securities, inventory from fraud events.

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Cryptocurrency Prices by Fxstocktrade LLC

Fxstocktrade LLC helps build your portfolio with popular coins

To achieve a diversified portfolio, look for asset classes that have low or negative correlations so that if moves down, the other tends to it. ETFs and mutual funds are easy ways to select asset.

The best way to start a crypto portfolio is to have at least a 60% stake in Bitcoin &Ethereum which you can easily do with Fxstocktrade LLC

Fxstocktrade LLC includes various Safe means to buy crypto and NFTs

You can easily buy, store, and transfer cryptocurrency and NFTs assets in one place. Get the right to buy and transfer your asset at a specific date for a specific price.

  • We carefully chose the best and most profitable trading methods to get amazing results.
  • We serve as if we are serving ourselves, we value the feedback and use it to improve our work
  • Providing best customer service is our primary value. More than 100 account managers are focused on needs of our clients

Open an account in 3 easy steps

Become a better investor on the go. Join a new generation of crypto traders. Easy interface to create an account.

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    Create an account with a working email and phone and get your trading profile setup

  • Verify Your account

    Make sure your account are approved and verified for trading

  • Demo trading or Live Trading

    Upon successful verification of your account you will be given $ 1,000 to test your trading skills or you can copy an expert trader to start earning on the platform right away

What our clients are saying

Cylina Cornett

I was laid off two weeks ago and felt like I had no options left. But then I discovered Fx Stock Trade LLC, and now I\'m making over $15,456.97 every two weeks. For the first time in two months, my account isn\'t overdrawn. Thank you, Fx Stock Trade LLC!

Tim Elmore
Next-Generation Expert Helping Leaders to Manage Young Professionals on a Team

I used to be an investor on Wall Street for 10 years, and I never came across anything like Fxsttocktrade LLC. When I decided to quit my job and invest full-time with them, my colleagues thought I was crazy. But after making $54,459 in profits, my colleagues are now begging me to show them how to invest with Fxstocktrade LLC software.

Valorie Burton
Certified Personal and Executive Coach

I finally know what it feels like to live the dream. I no longer feel like am on the outside looking in while everyone else has all the fun. Fxstocktrade LLC has allowed me to retire early and live the 10% lifestyle.

John C. Puritz

I have been a member of Fxstocktrade LLC for only 47 days. But my life has already changed! Not only have I made my first $200K, but i have also met some of the most incredible people in the process. Thanks, Fxstocktrade LLC!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Fxstocktrade LLC . The crypto security for conducting trusted transactions.

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Is it safe to use Fxstocktrade LLC

Yes, Fxstocktrade LLC is safe and uses security measures that are industry-standard
Fxstocktrade LLC is license and Regulated in 127 countries including United States, Uk, Australia, Canada, Germany, and others

Do i need to understand trading before using Fxstocktrade LLC

No, once your are successfully registered in Fxstocktrade LLC you are given an option to copy the trading calls of experts

Can i withdrawal Earnings / Profits

You can withdraw your profit from all of our investment plans once the trading period of such package elapses. You can also accumulate your profit to your desired amount till withdrawal. Always ensure to be in contact with your account manager. Also, our support is always available if assistance or enquiries needed.

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Fxstocktrade LLC Latest withdrawal

Name Amount Time Type
Joel C. Manby $123,000.00 2 hours ago Bitcoin
Chrisdon Hargrett $11,456,00 3 minutes ago Ethereum
Aruna Chandra $88,456.23 21 minutes ago Bitcoin
Annie Mendoza $5,000.00 13 hours ago Bitcoin
Todd Straugh 3,000.34 1 minutes ago Bitcoin
Natalie Restrepo 8,356.89 6 minutes ago Bitcoin
Sheri Crawford Hamilton 22,850.00 1 hour ago Ethereum
Steve Spray 220,200.00 17 hours ago Bank Account
Nick Markese 44,688.00 11 hours ago Bitcoin Cash
Jesse McLean 306,457.00 12 minutes ago Bitcoin

Fxstocktrade LLC Awards

Our platform has been recognized as the most innovative by INTLBM, a global media platform that monitors the business landscape worldwide and honors companies that excel in customer service, innovation, leadership, and sustainability.

The Fxstocktrade LLC mobile app has cemented its position as the benchmark for online trading platforms by receiving a top-tier award from World Business Outlook. The renowned business publication recognized the app's intuitive Ul and powerful technology, which made it a top pick among traders worldwide.

This award is a recognition that we make outstanding achievements visible to a broad public. In the year of a volatile landscape in the FX market, our platform was voted best for Forex trading in the Global category.

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